Rina regime – meal schedule

Rina regime – meal scheduling and the 3 digestive phases

The Rina regime – in the Rina regime, the meal schedule is pretty strict. Breakfast is always served until 12 o’clock, while lunch and dinner should be served before 20 o’clock.

The only exceptions are accepted in the water day, when you will limit yourself to the fluids specified in the dietary program. If you do not follow the recommended schedule, the digestive process is made difficult and the success of the weight loss program will be compromised.

The circadian rhythm and the digestive phases in the Rina regime

No matter where you are looking, you will realize that everything in the universe and around you takes place with a certain frequency: the seasons, the movements of the planets, the clocks, the life of living organisms…

Starting with the least evolved representatives of the animal kingdom, all of the fauna on this planet follows a precise model of the sleep-awake cycle, in which the resting periods are alternated with the sleeping ones.

In our bodies, there are several mechanisms which dictate the growth rhythm, of tissue regeneration, of toxin elimination etc. All of these can be integrated in what is known as the circadian rhythm or the biological clock, linked to the light-darkness cycle.

Specifically, we will talk about digestion, which includes 3 cycles, each lasting about 8 hours:

  • Cleaning
  • Nutrition
  • Digestion
Rina regime
Rina regime

Once you understand these, you will also manage to apply them. And, in a short period of time, you will be able to reap the benefits, which, for the 90-day diet, means losing weight.

Given the succession of the 3 phases, as well as of the adequate dietary combinations, you will be able to build a personalized daily menu. Apart from the gradual loss of excess weight, you will manage to:

How do the 3 digestive phases work?

It is not just a random thing that the authors who launched the Rina regime have taken into account the digestive phases. As long as you educate your body to eat and sleep at the same time intervals, you will establish a good routine for it.

In no moment will it be tempted to assimilate all of the nutrients it has access to, with eating food. However, if your sleep and eating schedules are chaotic, in order to compensate for any existent deficits, your body will be interested in accumulating as many reserves as it is possible.

And, because the central element of this post remains the 90-day dissociated diet, we will continue with the guidance regarding the proper distribution of the 3 meals and the overlapping with the digestive phases:

Cleaning phase – between 4 and 12 o’clock

In this phase, the elimination of the toxins accumulated the previous phase is going to take place, so it is highly important to make correct choices. In the cleaning phase, you will take breakfast, which has the purpose of:

  • Activating the digestive mechanisms;
  • To prepare the body for the following meals.

Fill up with fluids and foods that are strongly hydrating, as these will facilitate the detoxification process. All you will eat must be easy to digest, so that it can support the cleaning cycle.

You can concentrate on juicy fruits, well ripe, on neutral vegetables or crudités. For diversification, you can replace these with juices, but most definitely without sweeteners, salt etc.

As the Rina regime is quite permissive, if you are still hungry, you can add another vegetal breakfast, but no earlier than two hours after the first.

The nutrition phase – between 12 and 20 o’clock

Between the middle part of the day and 20 o’clock, you will find yourself in the nutrition phase, in which most people are accustomed to serving lunch and dinner. At this point, when the body is quite active, the biggest consumption of calories takes place and the need for nutrients is increased.

Those who do not follow the 90-day weight loss program, besides the 2 main meals, are allowed to have a snack. However, while you follow the program, no snacks are permitted.

Depending on the day of the diet, you can resort to complex recipes, in which different nutrient groups will dominate – depending on the case – proteins, starches, sugars or vitamins.

In order not to be bothered by the hunger sensation, for example, you can serve the second breakfast in the afternoon and lunch between 14 and 15 o’clock. With a super-sized crudités salad and the ever-present slice of bread, you will definitely satisfy your appetite until dinner.

The digestion phase – between 20 and 4 o’clock

The last 8 hours of a complete cycle correspond to the actual digestion. In this stage, the body is prepared to extract and assimilate the nutrients from the eaten foods, in the first 2 phases.

At this point, you are most likely resting, relaxing or at least you reduce the intensity of your activities. In this way, the digestive system can finally complete its designated role.

In order to prevent unpleasant manifestations that accompany slow digestion, it is recommended that dinner is served with at least 3 hours before going to bed. The rule remains valid even after you have completed the Rina diet. It will help you maintain the results obtained.

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