How does the Rina diet work?

How can you lose weight with the Rina diet? What are its secrets?

The Rina diet is more than a weight loss method. Chosen by a multitude of people, it is on the verge of becoming the most suitable “recipe” for those who are trying to transform their figure in a healthy manner.

How does the Rina diet work?

You can also find this mentioned as the 90-day diet, the Rina 90 diet, the Rina weight loss method etc. All of them describe the same dietary program, of the dissociated kind, based on 4-day cycles, which are repeated for a period of 3 months.

To all these, you have to add the water day. In order to find out more information on when and how it should be included in the diet, please visit the corresponding page.

The Rina diet actually works. Its principle, one that is very simple, will tell you that food products are more easily digested, when they are not mixed. Or as long as you resort only to compatible associations.

Rina Diet
Rina Diet

The rules are the same as the ones that explain the dynamics of digestive mechanisms.

For us, humans, it is much simpler to digest one single type of food, as opposed to several at the same time. As for the wrong associations… It is clear that these will block the digestion, the metabolic processes and, implicitly, the weight loss.

What is the basis of dissociated diets?

The regime is inspired by the dietary habits which characterized humanity at the beginning of its history. Even since the ancient of times, humans were gatherers and hunters.

Our digestive system wasn’t and still isn’t built to handle the digestion of several food groups. However, many times, we make the mistake of including them in a unique way.

In order to have a better understanding of why the 90-day diet has such a high success rate, all you have to do is think about our ancestors. Do you believe that, after they have caught a deer, did they gather comestible plants and use them as garnish?

NO! They ate in a dissociated manner, meaning one single type of food, with each meal. They ate the freshly picked fruits and the meat of recently hunted animals. In no way did they conserve these, with the intention of being creative with their meals.

They ate one single type of food per day and they never managed to become overweight or, worse, obese.

Isn’t it right that you are thinking about giving the Rina 90 diet a try, as soon as it is possible?

What are the premises of the dissociated diet?

The food products include 3 main groups of nutrients:

  • Carbs
  • Fats
  • Proteins

The first group includes 2 sub-groups:

  • Complex carbs or starches
  • Simple carbs or sugars.

For each category, the digestive process is different, taking place in a certain point of the digestive tract.

We will exemplify using starches, the star group of the second day of the Rina 90 program. When it comes to these nutrients, the digestive process begins at the level of the stomach and it is completed in the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine.

Likewise, the duration of the digestive processes varies. Some food products are completely transformed through the action of acids and gastric enzymes in only a couple of minutes. However, with others, the mechanism can last forever… or almost…

Imagine that, with a single meal, you are eating 2 or more food products that are incompatible with regard to the digestive process. Each necessitates certain enzymes, a precise time interval and a suitable environment.

It should come as no surprise that there are so many people who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders. This happens because they are eating randomly. One cannot expect anything else, as long as some food products are immediately digested at the level of the stomach. With others, the digestive process is a little bit “delayed”, as fermentation occurs.

The Rina diet eliminates gastric discomfort

Did you ever complain of gastric discomfort after eating a pastry with fruits?

The main problem is that the dough is rich in carbohydrates. These take longer to digest, as opposed to the fruits, which are more rapidly assimilated. While these wait for their turn to be digested by the gastric acids, they decompose, entering into a state of putrefaction.

Because of this unfortunate combination, but also because of others, many toxins will appear. If you do not intervene, modifying your eating habits and your daily regime, you will have to deal, more and more often, with problems you have probably already gone through:

  • Fermentation of eaten foods;
  • Slow digestion;
  • Sensation of heavy weight in the stomach;
  • Difficult assimilation of certain nutrients;
  • Gastrointestinal disorders (bloating, constipation etc.).

If you follow the Rina regime, you will discover that this is not just “friendly” with your stomach.


As already mentioned and as you can discover by informing yourself with attention, beginning from the first day, the 90-day diet works. Its success rate is of almost 100%.

One of the reasons for which it is so popular refers to its ability of activating the metabolism.

Another surprising fact is its ability to prevent the yo-yo effects, which are characteristic for the majority of the very aggressive weight loss diets.

We invite you to stay with us. Periodically, we will publish new articles about the Rina 90 regime and about everything that healthy weight loss entails.

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