I want to lose weight

I want to lose weight, but why am I not successful?

How many times were you on the verge on giving up on your weight loss diet, as you considered it to be inefficient? How many times did you wonder whether it was enough to stay “I want to lose weight”, in order to succeed?

Often times, those who are interested in weight loss diets, complain that, despite the sacrifices made, the chosen methods only lead to failure. Some spend all of their time at the gym, practically killing themselves, while others force exaggerate restrictions for each and every meal. And yet, the needle of the balance scale “refuses” to come down and, in some cases, it even goes up.

If no matter you do, the results fail to appear, this might mean that there are some underlying cause to consider, such as the lack of motivation, stress and anxiety, being sedentary, your way of training, tiredness, the consumption of calories or the quantity of water that you are drinking.

I want to lose weight, but how is my motivation?

lose weight
lose weight

Let’s say you were already following a drastic weight loss diet but, after a short period of time, because of the unsatisfactory results, you have quit. You just made the biggest mistake! Losing weight requires, first of all, perseverance and dedication. As long as you are missing motivation and the necessary amount of time, it is pointless to hope for miracles.

I want to lose weight, but what is my emotional state?

Not surprisingly, there are people, who, when they are stressed, they lose weight but, certainly, you are not one of them. It is also related to cortisol (also known as the stress hormone), which is particularly stimulated in stressful conditions and which slows the speed of metabolism down. The body answers immediately, by increasing the appetite, putting on pounds and gaining weight.

I want to lose weight, but am I a sufficiently active person?

Do you consider a 30-minute walk per day to be enough for getting rid of the 2-3 kilo or more surplus? Yes, it is more than nothing but how active are you apart from that? The majority of the calories are not consumed in front of the computer or by using the smartphone. The weight loss approach is efficient if you dedicate yourself to physical exercises of increased intensity, on a constant basis.

I want to lose weight, but what kind of training plan should I follow?

A healthy weight loss approach does not require that you train on a daily basis, until you are exhausted or practice only aerobic activities (cardio exercises: running, cycling, aerobic etc.). In order to obtain results, you have to combine anaerobic exercises, at the gym, with weights, so as that the muscular mass increases and, at the same time, for the metabolic rate to intensify.

I want to lose weight, but am I getting enough rest?

In order to keep up with the physical effort during trainings, the body requires a supplementary amount of energy. And, regardless of the chosen weight loss method, you have to get an adequate amount of rest. Sleep has the purpose of improving the cerebral functions, as well as to facilitate the fat burning processes. Otherwise, in order to compensate for the lack of energy, you will feel the need to eat more.

I want to lose weight, but what is the caloric intake?

In the diet that you follow, the foods that are super nutritious dominate (dried fruits, wheat and integral pasta etc.). However, as these are rich in nutrients and also in calories, there is no need to eat them in “extra large” quantities. A secret which contributes to the success of the weight loss diet is to eat fewer calories than you are actually burning, even if these come from a healthy alimentation.

I want to lose weight, but I am eating too little?

Another “trap”, into which numerous people are falling, is starvation, with the thought that this will guarantee faster weight loss. Even though the caloric intake has to be kept under control, this does not mean you should subject yourself to drastic conditions. For the next meal, you will have an even more accentuated appetite. And, once you accustom your body to fewer calories, the metabolism slows down.

I want to lose weight, but how well am I hydrating myself?

Everyone speaks about the importance of hydration, especially when it comes to those who follow a weight loss diet. Water has the “gift” of suppressing the appetite, but its benefits do not stop here. When the body is dehydrated, the kidneys do not function in a correct manner and the activity of the liver is made more difficult. A large part of the dietary fats will deposit and you will end up with an excess of fat mass.

Before you test all sort of weight loss methods, remind yourself that each person has his/her own rhythm and psycho-physical characteristics, which makes each individual different. What functions for you may be wrong for others and the other way around.

This is why it is impossible that one single solution works for everyone. You should do your best to eliminate all obstacles that make reaching set objectives difficult; afterwards, try to exclude these, one by one.

Why should you consider getting active in the open outdoors?

Why should you consider getting active in the open outdoors?

Open outdoors – Many of us are on the lookout after a wonder recipe, that will help us lose weight fast and not come against us, as we come across the first food product that does fit the list of “recommendations”. Psychologically speaking, the efficiency of a diet is drastically reduced, once you have made the first mistake. The risk of a second “inadvertence” thus increases and the diet can come to an end, before it even begins to have an effect.

However, not randomly, the Rina diet was developed by a sports physician. Motivation is an important element throughout the 90 days, so you can complete your lifestyle with healthy activities, in the open outdoors.

Lobby for a type of sport, which is readily available

The brain requires 21 days, in order to transform an activity in a habit. After this period, it perceives the new habits as being natural. This is also the reason for which, if you begin to go to the fitness gym, you will notice that the trainer will suggest a more intense training program (in the first month), in the first month, recommending a more relaxed style in the period that follows.

During the summer and autumn months, you have the advantage of not training in front of a TV, placed in a corner of the gym or a mirror, but also on the backdrop of a lake or a green-filled landscape. By practicing sport in the open outdoors, you will be able to achieve a state of mental relaxation, while your body is subjected to effort. Such a hobby does not have impact your budget in any way.

Those who have been physically active before know that the feeling generated after a training session is one of the immediate rewards of sport practicing. But, when you decide to go on this path, it can constitute a strong motivation to continue your diet but also to ensure its optimization.

Another reason for which you should take on this challenge is related to the number of possibilities offered. In many parks from Bucharest, fitness and stretching equipments have been placed and, more importantly, these can be used free of charge. If you begin your day with a training session, you will see that these are not crowded and the other people who use them are kind.

Multi-level therapy

Open outdoors – Physical activity in the open outdoors means visual relaxation but also socialization. You can find out useful information from the park “neighbors”. Moreover, you can discover methods or advice, which can help you with your physical training.

Moreover, those who have cravings, can have problems throughout the diet period. Sport places food second and it reduces the tendency to eat sweet or fat foods, as opposed to before. During the period in which you are active, the body feels the need for food that offers a number of advantages, without placing it in a state of lethargy.

Another aspect of getting physically active in the open outdoors is heat. Even though it seems to be a negative factor associated with summer, heat is actually helpful, when you are training.

With so many reasons, why not begin training in the open outdoors?

What are the summer sports you should choose

What are the summer sports you should choose, in order to stay in shape?

Summer sports – It is time to free yourself from the conceptions, according to which rapid weight loss is all about diets and countless food restrictions. Keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle, which will allow you to stay in shape and even lose a few pounds, cannot be in any way compatible with being sedentary, quite the contrary.

Even though you are still in the holiday season, there is no reason to stick with a genuinely sedentary lifestyle… this decision cannot be justified, not even when we are talking about a short period of time, for as long as the holiday season lasts. In order to stay in shape and maintain your physical fitness, avoiding the accumulation of excess weight, there are several sports you can practice, right there, on the beach, in the seawater or even at the pool.

Summer sports – swimming

When you are at the beach, the first sport that may come across your mind (perhaps the most recommended of all) is swimming. You have to admit that there is nothing more refreshing than dipping in the cool and rejuvenating seawater. However, if you are spending your holiday in a location away from the seaside, try to consume your energy at the pool.

Swimming is considered a complete sport activity, which helps you to sculpt your body and lose weight in a healthy manner. It works all of the muscles, contributes to the reduction of fat mass (adipose tissue) and to the increase of lean mass (muscular tissue). Moreover, it is the ideal sport for those with problems in their spine or feet (it favors the correction of skeletal deviations).

Summer sports – aqua gym

Did you ever stop to think you could perform gymnastic exercises in the water (aqua gym), even in the sea? The panorama is as inviting as it is possible, whether the aqua gym sessions are organized in the pool or in the sea. The activity is appreciated, regardless of the age, gender or physical shape of those engaging in it.

This sport consists of aerobic or gymnastics exercises, not on the ground, but directly in the water. Aqua gym is the activity that gets your whole body moving and the benefits will become noticeable, sooner than you might imagine. It helps to lose weight, to strengthen your muscles and to make cellulite problems better, without you have to put too much effort into it.

Water sports – jogging

If you like to run and the seasonal heat does not put a damp on your enthusiasm, try to run on the sand, at the beach. You will discover that, all of a sudden, jogging has a different charm to offer. Moreover, this represents excellent cardio training, helping you increase your overall resistance. It also solicits your muscles and helps you notify your calf and gluteal muscles.

Pay attention, however, to your footwear (this should be shock absorbent and keep the foot in a stable position) and the moment in the day, when you are running. It is recommended to go for a jog at the first hours of the morning or late at night, when the air temperature does not increase the thermal discomfort and the beaches are nearly empty and you can jog freely.

Summer sports – beach volley

Beach volley is a fun summer sport, which has become more and more popular among young people but also in those who are older in age. You do not necessarily have to strive for performance, it is enough to be ready to consume your energy, in the favor of your health.

Even though, at first glance, it might seem like a sport which is easy to try and one that is not very demanding, in reality, the effort required is quite big. The jumps and each other movement are made harder by the unstable sand. But do not get discouraged! Beach volley is an optimal method to shape your legs and to work your back muscles. However, we do not recommend it to those who have problems with their knees.

Summer sports – surfing

Those who are braver and love extreme sports can test their courage and sportive abilities by practicing surfing. Its diverse versions are included: board surfing (the floating is allowed by the movement of the waves), windsurfing (surfing with a sail board, powered by the wind) and kite surfing (movement is achieved with the help of the surfboard and a kite, to which the athlete is connected with harnesses.

Summer sports
Summer sports

These activities are not suited for just any person (they require a certain level of physical training) and they cannot be practiced just anywhere. However, if the location is adequate and you feel up to it, you can go ahead and try to get in contact with the sea waves, in a completely different way, but not before you take part to some training courses.

Before you practice any of the above-mentioned sports, we recommend that you consult your family physician / specialist, especially if you have additional health problems. In this way, you will avoid making the conditions you are suffering from worse or you will cause new ones to appear (heart problems are among the most common).